Prediction game22.11.2011
Hello guys. A little bit late but do you want to start a prediction game for the rest of the World Cup. I suggest everyo…
added 6 years ago by Vellagio 0 1549
Petition for FIVB mens volleyball video game!22.11.2011
I wish there was a FIVB video game! That would be very cool!
added 6 years ago by Wilfredo_is_Marshall 12 4161
Uploading video15.11.2011
How can I upload a big video? YouTube let me upload only 15min/2gb, mine is 2h and something like 12GB. (and i won't upl…
added 6 years ago by Kjeldhor 7 1528
Help me04.11.2011
Tomorrow I will start video about Michailov, but I need matches. I haven't watched many matches of his so can you tell m…
added 6 years ago by Sllaveq 12 1849
Shoes of wlazly01.11.2011
hi Title says all... which one wear wlazly? the latest (weard against budva, tours) can't find them and hope someone ca…
added 6 years ago by Wlazly 5 6553
Why unload as many matches, raylight??16.10.2011
Why do you upload games every day so much?? They're not as interesting to users, such as short music video! Better to th…
added 6 years ago by Sebastian13Sw 31 2115
Matey Kaziyski in ECH 201112.10.2011
Does someone want to make a movie for Matey Kaziyski from this tournament? This was his best performance so far, with re…
added 6 years ago by raylight 20 2881
Where can I download matches the Polish league?08.10.2011
Where can I download matches the Polish league?
added 6 years ago by Sebastian13Sw 4 1938
Michał Kubiak 2nd movie02.10.2011
Hi, which version is better? -http://www.youtub.../watch?v=R6mgEMex-_g -http://www.youtub.../watch?v=rgSiJchKffY
added 6 years ago by zver 21 3669
Music for video about Ivan Miljkovic29.09.2011
I now make video about Ivan Miljkovic! What music would you like that I chose for this player??
added 6 years ago by Sebastian13Sw 16 2144
Volleyball stars in leagues (season 2011/12)25.09.2011
1. Italian League ('Serie A') : Acqua Paradiso Monza: Luciano De Cecco , Simone Buti , Konstantin Shumov , Milos Nikić …
added 7 years ago by VolleyballMovies 28 8549
Discussion (between fanclub members) about the best setter in the world!!
added 7 years ago by casamodena 4 2351
Raphaela Folie20.09.2011
young talent born: 7.3. 1991 link biography: http://it.wikiped.../wiki/Raphaela_Folie link interview with Raphael…
added 7 years ago by Habetik 2 1844
Russia lost againts Serbia? What went wrong?18.09.2011
I just feel sad about this.. I don't think it was the referees' mistake. It is just a matter of who's spirits are going…
added 7 years ago by cheribee 3 1663
1. you can search for: волейбол - volleyball мировая лига - world league чемпионат росс…
added 7 years ago by _k-is-for-kate_ 4 4253
Will someone make a movie about Simon Tischer allready ??? :|
added 7 years ago by EPINEPHRINEable 0 1690
Beach Volleyball history22.08.2011
1920's There are unconfirmed whispers of mens teams playing on the beach in Hawaii, but most accounts place the sport's …
added 7 years ago by kapitan_bomba 2 2922
Beach volley videos11.08.2011
videos all over the world
added 7 years ago by kapitan_bomba 18 3171
Searching for Matches14.04.2011
I'm searching for matches with Matey, when he was playing in Dynamo Moscow - Can you help me ?
added 7 years ago by NightFox 2 1713
Matches download or streaming?08.04.2011
Ehy! Do you know if exists a website where is possible to find the matches of the Italian Serie A? I'm thinking to some…
added 7 years ago by Kk15 4 5993
Clayton Stanley movie(seeking of materialsl)30.03.2011
i gives itself six months to make a movie of him before last or last film and I have question (I've already got music) c…
added 7 years ago by vtnklmdc 1 1200
The biggest volleyball forums in your country28.03.2011
Which are the biggest "places" where you can discuss about volleyball in your language? For example in German…
added 7 years ago by chrison 2 2512
We have 1000 registered users!07.03.2011
User skykorgon from Canada is user number 1000 :)
added 7 years ago by chrison 14 16763
Program to create movies25.02.2011
I'm looking for a good program for creating movies who is for free Becouse movie maker is very easy but it has little to…
added 7 years ago by vtnklmdc 14 1997
Volleyball Movies has new address!24.02.2011
After some discussions about language of our website we decided to change address to www.volleyball-movies.net. We want …
added 7 years ago by chrison 7 2388
[PDF Report] Ranking of the best volleyball players in the history15.02.2011
There is the current version (updated after The Olympics) of summary of the most titled volleyball players in the histor…
added 7 years ago by chrison 57 96027
Idea for a movie04.02.2011
Maybe someone has an interesting idea for a movie ? Lately there is not too rich imagination If someone will give some …
added 7 years ago by vtnklmdc 34 2396
Change PHOTO14.01.2011
I suggest to change the photo of the Fan-Club. Try this one: http://3.bp.blogs...rasil-il-il-il-2.jpg
added 7 years ago by RenanZ 2 2608
Music to movie about Matey11.01.2011
Hello everybody i need help. I am making movie about Matey Kaziyski and i am searching for a good music to this movie. …
added 7 years ago by vtnklmdc 18 2705
The poll on the best films on the volleyball-movies.net07.01.2011
I decided to do a contest for the best films. We have a choice of three movies. Evaluation of films do not always agree,…
added 7 years ago by Roninho 7 2170

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