Natália Zilio

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This video is a tribute to one of the best volleyball Outside Hitters in the world, Natália Zilio! Check out her best actions according to my thoughts! I hope you enjoy it ;)
Title of song: Yinyues - Everything ft Mimi Page!
Natália Zilio Pereira
Natália Zilio Pereira
Birthdate: 04.04.1989
Position: Wing-spiker
Height: 183cm
Weight: 76kg
Spike: 300cm
Block: 288cm
Current club: Fenerbahce Istanbul (Turkey)
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marciovolley BR 8 months ago +1
Natália was the best Brazilian player at Rio 2016 Olympics. Sure this is her best season, also with Fenerbahçe jersey. A really great player.
marciovolley BR 8 months ago +1
Your channel is excellent, Breno. Thanks for sharing the videos.
brenobuzin159 BR 8 months ago +1
@marciovolley: Thank you so much my friend! I enjoyed your comment

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