Bad news President UVT Agroland Timisoara  has decided to withdraw the team from Volleyball! :(

President Horia Cardoş has decided to withdraw the championship team at the end of the regular season tour of the A1 Women's Volleyball Division. After nearly five years when UVT Agroland achieved the best club performance in Timisoara volleyball, Horia Cardoş decided to move away from this phenomenon because of the hostile attitude of the leaders of the Romanian Volleyball Federation towards our club. Cardoş also criticizes the way in which the Romanian volleyball is headed. :(

mzaratem Timisoara, Romania

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VolleyballMovies PL 4 weeks ago
Sad news. Thank you for sharing it with us.
mzaratem RO 4 weeks ago
was the only team in my town! . and who played in the challenge cup!

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