Osasco and Barueri in a derby at Brazilian Superliga 2017/18. Many worldclass players on court: from Osasco's side, Brazilian NT stars Tandara Caixeta, Josefa Fabíola and Ana Beatriz Correa aka "Bia", and also Peruvian best player Ángela Leyva and Serbia's Nadja Ninkovic; from Barueri's side, Brazilian twice Olympic gold medalist Jaqueline Carvalho and veteran bronze Olympic medalist Erika Coimbra, besides the best player ever from Poland, Katarzyna Skowrońska.
Duel of two national team coaches: José Roberto Guimarães (Hinode Barueri, Brazil NT) and Luizomar de Moura (Vôlei Nestlé/Osasco, Peru NT).
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2017-12-19-23-30, Brazilian Superliga 2017/18 regular season - 12th round

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