Kathryn Chen Kathryn Chen Libero from Australia
Haley Bechtel Haley Bechtel Wing-spiker from USA
Women VBK Gislaved VBK Gislaved Sweden
Women IK Ymer IK Ymer Sweden
Annie Gylling Annie Gylling Spiker from Sweden
Women VBK Gislaved VBK Gislaved Sweden
Women IK Ymer IK Ymer Sweden
Sofia Bendiksen Sofia Bendiksen Middle-blocker from Sweden
Shafagat Alishanova Shafagat Alishanova Setter from Azerbaijan
Women Azerrail Baku Azerrail Baku Azerbaijan
Karoline Tormena Karoline Tormena Wing-spiker from Brazil
Flávia Assis Flávia Assis Middle-blocker from Brazil
Women VK Královo Pole Brno VK Královo Pole Brno Czech Republic
Sule Yetimoglu Sule Yetimoglu Libero from Turkey
Ceren Cinar Ceren Cinar Setter from Turkey
Merve Ikbal Albayrak Merve Ikbal Albayrak Middle-blocker from Turkey
Asli Tecimer Asli Tecimer Wing-spiker from Turkey
Yaren Hatipoglu Yaren Hatipoglu Wing-spiker from Turkey
Cagla Cinan Cagla Cinan Middle-blocker from Turkey
Muge Örencik Muge Örencik Wing-spiker from Turkey
Pimpichaya Kokram Pimpichaya Kokram Spiker from Thailand
Women 3BB Nakornnont 3BB Nakornnont Thailand
Women Bandung BJB Pakuan Bandung BJB Pakuan Indonesia
Pornpun Guedpard Pornpun Guedpard Setter from Thailand
Women Bangkok Glass VC Bangkok Glass VC Thailand
Women Jakarta Popsivo Jakarta Popsivo Indonesia
Yeliz Basa Yeliz Basa Spiker from Turkey
Women Gresik Petrokimia Gresik Petrokimia Indonesia
Women Jakarta Popsivo Jakarta Popsivo Indonesia
Stephanie Niemer Stephanie Niemer Wing-spiker from USA
Women Petron Blaze Spikers Petron Blaze Spikers Philippines
Carla Rueda Carla Rueda Wing-spiker from Peru
Aleoscar Blanco Iriarte Aleoscar Blanco Iriarte Middle-blocker from Venezuela
Women Supreme Chonburi Supreme Chonburi Thailand

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» Comments (64)
Pierre Foucault FR 1 week ago +1
Marie-Océane PIERI https://www.women.volleyball-movies.net/marie-oceane-pieri-p14077
She is not playing in Saint-Dié-des-Vosges this year. She was supposed to but she finally changed her mind at the last moment to be near her family. She plays in French 3rd division in La Garde (my first team ever) :

If someone could change, thank you !
Fran ES 3 weeks ago 0
Maybe OK Hit Nova Gorica and GEN-I Volley Nova Gorica is the same team... I can't confirm.
airton13 BR 3 weeks ago 0
Manon Flier retired from volleyball. / Ex-Pro Volleyball
Fran ES 1 month ago 0
I made some mistakes....

VV Alterno : 2009-2010 - 2009-2010 and not 2010-2011 - 2010-2011

NO Sliedrecht Sport 2010-2011 - 2010-2011

NO Sliedrecht Sport 2010-2011 - 2010-2011

NO Sliedrecht Sport 2010-2011 - 2010-2011
VolleyballMovies PL 2 months ago +2
You are able to report duplicates now. Just open duplicated profile of player/club/arena and report it by clicking "It's duplicate" button.
aptf BR 2 months ago 0
Good afternoon, Roma Pallaolo will not participate in the Lega Pallavolo Feminine Serie A. Who will participate will be the L'Acqua & Sapone Volley Group of Rome. Please correct the information.
aptf BR 2 months ago +1

Marjorie Correia will not play 2018/2019 season by Balneário Camboriu. She signed with the Chamalières of France.

VolleyballMovies PL 2 months ago +1
@aptf: Changed. Thank you!
Sudo FR 3 months ago 0
Natalya Mammadova's transfert to Volero Le Cannet isn’t True. It was only a rumour. Can you delete her in Volero’s Team ? Thanks
marciovolley BR 3 months ago 0
Fernanda Garay is back to the Brazilian National Team and will play upcoming World Championship.
airton13 BR 3 months ago 0
Nelly Alisheva returned to Proton Balakovo in the season 2018/19 she had retired, but returned thanks to the request of a technician.
airton13 BR 3 months ago 0
Sokolova will not play for Zarechie Odintsovo! She has retired from volleyball and is working behind the scenes at Dynamo Krasnodar, recently she gave an interview and introduced the players of the club ie she will not play! Withdraw is false information!
zhangna CN 3 months ago 0
The Ranking of players has not been updated, update!
Fran ES 3 months ago 0

Delete this team. VBC Galina is from Liechtenstein not from Switzerland
Aleksandra Crncević RS 3 months ago 0
Aleksandra Crncevic will not play for Csm Buchuresti in the 2018/19 , not correct information.
airton13 BR 3 months ago 0
Jovana Brakocevic will not play for Pomi Casalmaggiore in the 2018/19 season, it was just a rumor she has already pronounced and denied!
airton13 BR 3 months ago 0
Is it true that Sokolova has returned to play? She gave an interview saying that she has retired for once, and will lead Krasnodar as the club manager. She will not play anymore, where did this news come from that she will play for Zarieche Odintsovo?
Antonio_Riccio IT 3 months ago 0
It's not the first time that I add a transfer and it's not assigned to me: This evening I add Sara Menghi, for example.
Not a problem for me, but it's not correct.
Good bye.
VolleyballMovies PL 3 months ago 0
@Antonio_Riccio: Probably few users added the same transfer. Usually first information is accepted by us.
Antonio_Riccio IT 3 months ago 0
I was the first, but it's not a problem:
I check before every adding.
However, I like this project and I want to improve it.
airton13 BR 3 months ago 0
I duplicated this team by mistake, delete this profile because it already has here on the site.
Fran ES 3 months ago +1
In Jedinstvo Stara Pazova, this players never play in this team:
- Ana Gajic : http://www.women.volleyball-movies.net/ana-gajic-p7756/clubs
- Milica Krstojevic : http://www.women.volleyball-movies.net/milica-krstojevic-p10667
- Vinka Ilic : http://www.women.volleyball-movies.net/vinka-ilic-p10670/clubs
- Nina Vidakovic : http://www.women.volleyball-movies.net/nina-vidakovic-p10671/clubs

- Marija Mihajlović : http://www.women.volleyball-movies.net/marija-mihajlovic-p11104/clubs
Left the team in 2014-2015

- Jadranka Budrović : http://www.women.volleyball-movies.net/jadranka-budrovic-p5020/clubs
Left the team in 2016-2017

- Aleksandra Kotarac : http://www.women.volleyball-movies.net/aleksandra-kotarac-p7310/clubs
I made a mistake, she still in the team, I double the information
VolleyballMovies PL 3 months ago 0
@Fran: Fixed. Thank you.
airton13 BR 4 months ago 0
Brenda Castillo received 3 individual titles in the 2018 Pan American Cup! Better defense, better libero and better reception! But the best reception can not be accepted because the award for best outside hitters here on the site is receiver, ie two spikers have held the position of receiver being that their awards were from best outside hitters.

airton13 BR 4 months ago 0
Taylor Sandbothe and Fatou Diouck are playing the 2017/18 Asian Clubs Championship for Supreme Chonburi, they were hired only for this tournament. I have noticed that the years of the championships hamper the score of the players, because often the championship occurs in the same year, but with another team, and those who earn points are players of the past team and so it is.
kokikvolley PL 4 months ago 0
Katarzyna Skorupa won't definitely play in Pesaro. The club has been resolved, so please delete the transfer.
airton13 BR 4 months ago +5
Why is Ranking not being updated? A few weeks ago I realize that it is not updated.
airton13 BR 4 months ago +11
Vakifbank renewed with the four foreigners of the team: Milena Rasic, Zhu Ting, Lonneke Slöetjes and Kelsey Robinson for the 2018/19 season.
Sudo FR 4 months ago 0
Mammadova's transfert to Volero Le Cannet is just a rumor. Nobody has confirmed it yet.
airton13 BR 4 months ago +11
Berenika Tomsia will not play for Chemik Police in the 2018/19 season, but by Incheon Heungkuk Life Pink Spiders of South Korea, she played for Chemik Police at the end of the 2017/18 season.
marciovolley BR 4 months ago 0
After two years, opposite Karsta Lowe is back and will play for USA national team in Pan American Cup 2018.
airton13 BR 4 months ago +11
There are two profiles of the player Kąkolewska from Poland. Delete this wrong profile:
http://www.women.volleyball-movies.net/paulina-kakolewska-p2103/movies is not Paulina is Agnieszka, and already has the right here on the site.
airton13 BR 4 months ago +11
Türkiye Bayanlar Volleyball 2. Ligi 2015/16 is incomplete! Not only 20 teams are involved but 28 concerts! I am adding the sort order, the league 2015/16 ended on 04/13/2016. People add the championships and abandon! And we can not fix the errors, only the administrators so I hope the correction.

Last edited by airton13 4 months ago.

airton13 BR 4 months ago +10
You deleted the profile of Artamonova that had her most awards! She was in 33rd place in the ranking and you left what she appears in # 62 would be more fair to put the correct what was in # 33 place!

Last edited by airton13 4 months ago.

jane1967 BR 4 months ago +7
@airton13: yes, deleted the profile in which she was better in the ranking.
mari1983 BR 4 months ago +3
@airton13: Yes! Deleted the 33rd place in the ranking! Artamonova was in 33rd and the site left the profile she appears in 62nd what a mistake!
james1992 AU 4 months ago +2
@airton13: Put back the 33rd place and erase the 62nd place, because it would be fairer to stay in the profile where she is better in the ranking, correct !!
jane1967 BR 5 months ago +3
Ivana Nesovic played for Bandung BJB Pakuan in the 2016/17 season of the Indonesian League and not in the Jakarta Bank DKI correct.
marciovolley BR 5 months ago +1
It's official: Brazilian Olympic champion in Beijing 2008, Walewska Oliveira, will play upcoming season 2018-2019 for Osasco/Audax, not Vôlei Londrina/Positivo. The twitter somebody added about Walewska's transfer to Londrina was just a joke the player made on internet. Please, correct it.

Last edited by marciovolley 5 months ago.

airton13 BR 5 months ago +2
Carolina Costagrande finished her volleyball career, her last team was Imoco Volley Conegliano of Italy in the 2016/17 season and not the Pesaro as she is here, she did not play the 2017/18 season.
airton13 BR 5 months ago +2
Zhu Ting played for Guangdong Evergrande at Club World Championship 2012/13.
jane1967 BR 5 months ago 0
The Belgium Volleyball League A 2017/18 ended on 28 April.
airton13 BR 5 months ago +3
Nadia Centoni retired! She will not play for Azzurra Volley San Casciano in the 2018/19 season, she will be a physical coach. Will not play !!
Sudo FR 5 months ago 0
@airton13: that’s totally right ! She annonce her retirement and will be Physical Coach for Il Bisonte Firenze (Azzurra Volley San Casciano)

Last edited by Sudo 5 months ago.

airton13 BR 5 months ago +3
Türkiye Bayanlar Volleyball 2. Ligi 2015/16 is incomplete! Not only 20 teams are involved but 28 concerts! I am adding the sort order, the league 2015/16 ended on 04/13/2016. People add the championships and abandon! And we can not fix the errors, only the administrators so I hope the correction.
zhangna CN 5 months ago 0
@airton13: yes, it was 28 teams.
airton13 BR 5 months ago +12
Turkish Airlines sports club is the same team as Türk Hava Yolları Spor Kulübü, join both !!
ennuishea US 5 months ago 0
The transfer of Yangjie is accepted? The link lead to a post of Hooker from last year. I wonder if it is posted by an error.
airton13 BR 5 months ago +11
Natasa Krsmanovic and Tijana Malesevic played for Alba Blaj in the 2017/18 season, they have come to improve the team for the Champions League final.
airton13 BR 5 months ago +11
Carolina Costagrande did not play for Pesaro in the 2017/18 season, she did not play this season for any team.
airton13 BR 5 months ago +11
Cristina Pirv has retired from volleyball for years! She did not play again, she was assistant coach and coach of the team and not a player!
Sudo FR 6 months ago +2
[removed comment]
davi1998 US 6 months ago +2
@Sudo: Yes! There is some problem here on the site, I can not add photos too!
Milena_Alves BR 6 months ago +1
@Sudo: pois é, também não consigo.
Fica dando que a imagem é pequena. Algo do tipo!
kokikvolley PL 6 months ago 0
It isn't known whether Cagla Akin will play in Galatasaray supposedly Vakifbank wants her instead of Naz Aydemir - https://www.voleybolplus.com/2018/05/09/cagla-akin-transferinde-puruz/
kokikvolley PL 6 months ago 0
Yamila Nizetich will certainly be in Novara and not in Bergamo, so please delete - http://voleyplus.com/2018/05/08/yamila-nizetich-refuerzo-novara/
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